Welcome to My Little Corner

Hi I’m Lily,

I am a scientist with a passion for writing. This year, I had a very tough year and lost a lot of the joy I had both for life and for writing. I forgot how to express myself through my writing and that’s why I am here. I hope to regain my love for writing and also get over my fear and anxiety of having people read my work.

Now for some facts about me:

In my free time I like to read, binge watch Netflix, play video games and exercise. I’m currently learning Japanese which was inspired by my love for Japanese food and I hope to learn Korean one day (inspired by my love for Kpop and Kdramas). When I’m bored sometimes I like to dress up, put a face on and take Instagram photos, then I proceed to not upload them. I also have a passion for travel and hope to one day travel the world, when I finally finish studying and have a job.